Honorary Omani


Harees-One of My Favorite Dishes

Harees is a cracked wheat dish with lamb that is eaten in Oman, other countries in the Arabian Peninsula and also East Africa. It’s a specialty dish I grew up eating (mostly for Eid breakfast), so when I found out they often ate it in Oman, and not just for Eid, I was super happy! […]


Omani Photographers Explore Ethiopia

Recently, two Omani photographers Zuhair Al Siyabi and Ali Al Ghafri were chosen to represent Oman in a trip ¬†to Ethiopia with other GCC nationals in collaboration with the ‘Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum International Photography Award’. Below is the video they all made together of their trip to various parts of Ethiopia. So proud […]


How to Wrap an Omani Mussar

An Omani mussar is a type of turban Omani men wear. Most of the time they wear it for formal occasions. Men that work in governmental organizations in Oman, must wear a mussar to work. For many that don’t know how to wrap a mussar, it can look complicated! Thankfully, my Omani friend was kind […]


Fort Photo-shoot!

Photo-shoot at a fort wearing traditional Omani clothing…yeah, I’m officially Omani now, thanks to Omani photographer Bader Al-Lawati! Bader Al-Lawati is one Muscat’s most sought after photographers and from the pictures below, you can see why! I enjoyed working with him on our traditional themed photo-shoot that fits perfectly with this blog! It’s not everyday […]


Muscati Me!

While in Muscat, I had a photo-shoot with Muscat based Omani photographer Amina Al-Bakri! Since I’m all about Oman, I wanted to have a traditional photo-shoot, so Amina was kind enough to not only take photos of me, but to also get me a traditional Muscati outfit, even down to the jewelry!


Omani Weddings-Where Omani Women Turn into Princesses

A little over a week ago, I went to my first Omani wedding ever! I was excited to go and didn’t know what to expect at all which made it more exciting! I was told that many Omanis women dress in very formal gowns for the wedding, but I opted for my traditional Dhofari dress […]


The Dried Lemon-Omani Catering Company

Last week I visited Salim Al Kalbani and Amal Al Khabori an Omani couple who own the catering company The Dried Lemon. Almost every dish they make is infused with dried lemon from Oman, or as they like to call it, Loomi Omani and it’s all made in their kitchen! During my visit to their […]


My First Sighting of Ethiopia in Oman

During my first trip to Oman in November 2012, as much as it was a love at first sighting of the Hajar Mountains, it was seeing parts of Ethiopia in Oman that really touched my heart. Before I stumbled upon Oman, my heart fully belonged to Ethiopia, a country I first visited in 2006 and […]


Al Mandoos Restaurant Review with Omani Cuisine

Honorary Omani (HO) and Omani Cuisine¬†(OC), food blogger who blogs about various restaurants in Muscat, decided to team up and do a joint restaurant review on a local Omani restaurant in Muscat. The restaurant we picked is Al Mandoos (Telephone: 96911140) which is located in Al Ghubrah behind the Porsche showroom. Here is what we […]


My Favorite Places to Eat in Muscat

Here is a list of my favorite restaurants to eat at in Muscat that I think everyone should try when they visit Muscat so they can get a real feel of Omani cuisine!


My Top 10 Places in Oman

As we all know, I love Oman…all of it! Picking my top 10 places wasn’t easy, but I think these are all places everyone should go to when they visit Oman!